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Home                                                                Ensenada

North of Ensenada. View from the road.

                                                               Looking south, from the scenic road to Ensenada. 

ensanada_plaza3.jpg (114428 bytes) Plaza Cívica. Left, Juárez. Center, Hidalgo. Right, Carranza.  Fourth_largest_flag.jpg (37262 bytes) Fourth largest Mexican flag in the world.

Blvd_Costaro.jpg (35966 bytes) Blvd Costero. Main street along the bay, and to boat docks.     Papas_and_Beer.jpg (29641 bytes)   Papas and Beer Cantina. 

 Hussongs.jpg (24460 bytes) Hussong's Cantina, established 1892. The oldest Cantina in Baja California, and where the "Margarita" drink was invented. 

Lunch_Av_Mateos.jpg (54151 bytes) Lunch on Mateos Av_Tourist.jpg (49239 bytes) Main tourist street. Av Lopez Mateos. On this street are all the party bars. To find the Mexican people, walk four blocks east to Juárez. This whole area is just for tourists. 

Ensenada's Bus_Station.jpg (31526 bytes) Ensenada bus station.ABC_Bus_St.jpg (16611 bytes)        ABC_Bus_St2.jpg (17292 bytes)       ABC_Bus.jpg (13946 bytes) Autotransportes de Baja California, or ABC bus.