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In 1769 this was Ti-Wan, or Tiguan, a small village of  Indians. In 1822 the name was changed to Rancho Tia Juana (Ranch of aunt Tia). In 1848 the name was shortened to Tia Juana. Later in the late 1800’s the name was shortened to Tijuana. 

Note: all large pictures. May have to adjust zoom level. 

 arch.jpg (107975 bytes)Tijuana's Friendship Arch    P1210178b.jpg (71786 bytes) Monument to Cuauhtémoc  Downtown_TJd.jpg (164269 bytes) Map of Tijuana

Tijuana_main_churchc.jpg (144448 bytes)          inside_churchb.JPG (139212 bytes)  1902  Cathedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. with its central chandelier. 

jai_alai.jpg (120697 bytes)


   Jai-Alai Place on Calle 8 and Revolición.

fence2b.jpg (157596 bytes) La Playa and the border fence.  Recent improvements are an county park on the north, and improved public facilities on the Mexico side.    

  farthest_point.jpg (100270 bytes)    1854 Monument to mark the farthest point inside Mexico from Mexico City. It was originally placed at the border crossing. In 1892, a flood washed this marble obelisk down the Tijuana River. It was luckily found, and installed at this location, on higher ground.

tijuana_lighthouse.jpg (33201 bytes)    Tijuana’s lighthouse.        

la_playab.jpg (61435 bytes)    At this small outdoor food stand, they have fresh, fish tacos. Many fish tacos in Mexico, and San Diego taste like re-heated microwave food

 beach_sculptureb.jpg (38143 bytes)Public sculpture  

 bullring2b.jpg (46407 bytes)       bullringb.jpg (29093 bytes)   Plaza Monumental. The only bulling in the world built by the sea. 

Photos taken November 23, 2004